Some Helpful hints and links for planning a Wedding

We won't pretend to be experts on anything except the music for
your Reception.  We have worked in most of the areas Banquet
Facilities and Catering Halls as well as with many Photographers and
Videographers.  We are planning to publish a links pages with
references to all of the qualified halls and personnel that we
have worked with in the past.  Until that links page is completed
feel free to contact us for a reference for any Hall, Photographer
or Videographer.

One word of advice, for all, don't trust everything you see
on the web, there are a lot of bogus Wedding sites out
there, some of them will ask you for money in helping you plan
your wedding.  We'll provide a listing of them if you like,
but we won't mention any names.  Just beware of all
sites and what they claim to be true, mostly, use
your own best judgement.

Helpful Web Sites we have found

The Knot - - I found this one
while watching a television show.  This site has everything
from A-Z involved with planning a Wedding.

The Wedding Zone - - This site
contains tons of links and information.  I especially liked their page
about How to choose a DJ.  It must have been created by an
experienced Weddings DJ.

Ultimate Wedding -
An excellent site with lots of wedding planning information & tips,
although they do have a few broken links and some mistakes.

Also see our Wedding Notes Page

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