Party Games

& Prizes.....

To Start the Dancing.....

We have several different types of Party Mixers to start any party and have
your guests involved right from the start of the open dancing.

Most parties have a guest or guests of Honor whom we will ask to start the open dancing with a slow song especially for them.

We can then go into a Multiplication Dance or Snowball Dance which will have most of your guests on the dance floor after the very first song.


Other Mixers & Contests:

Chicken Dance & Hokey Pokey
We make it a little more fun with some added twists.

Conga Line
We pass out the hats and maracas and let them go wild...

Using the YMCA costumes, this one is still a lot of laughs.

Macarena Contest
We pick several dancers and let them get into it for prizes.

Twist or Swing Contest
We pick couples and have them show off their moves.
The audience picks the winners with their applause.

Still a party favorite, we add a twist and some extra excitement

Musical Knees
A different version of the original where the men are actually
the chairs, it's hilarious.

A game which includes props and is a riot to play or watch.

great for class reunions - featuring music trivia -
name the song or artist from a certain year or era -
or TV Show Trivia - name the TV Show while we play the theme song


Our Prizes include: designer hats and sunglasses,
props such as maracas and tambourines
and specially made CD's.

If you have specific questions regarding contests or prizes
email us or give us a call!

                     email us at: