Wedding Notes

This page is for Brides and Grooms that have
their Wedding Reception booked with us or
any prospective Wedding Clients.

Please take the time to read this page, it will
help you a great deal in planning the events
of your reception.

These are some of the notes we will require at least
1 to 2 weeks before the Wedding.

We do ask that you either mail (postal)
or email this information to us, after which
we will go over everything with you.

Our email and postal address are listed at
the bottom of this page.

Check out our lists of Suggestions for Formal Dances
and Dedications

1)    We will need a list of the Wedding Party and
  Honored Guests for the Introductions.

      This list should include any parents, or grand-parents
    or any other relatives you would like to be introduced.
    Grand-Parents can either walk in as they are introduced
    or more often can be introduced from their seat,
    normally Parents of the Bride & Groom will walk in.

       Normally the grand-parents or parents are introduced
    first, followed by the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
    (if you have them) and then the Wedding Party,
    saving the Maid of Honor and Best Man until just
    before the Bride & Groom.  Sometimes this is
    opposite of the order for the Church, but whatever
    order is most convenient will work.  We will line up
    everyone and go over the names once again just before
    the Introductions.

       Also please include the name of the person who
    will be performing the Blessing or Prayer.

     For "hard to pronounce" names we ask that you
    include a phonetic pronunciation to help us announce
    the names correctly.  In other words, you can spell
    the names the way they sound.

2)     Your choice of Formal Dance Songs  Suggestions?

      This should include your First Dance (Bride & Groom)
    and any dances with parents or other relatives
    (Bride & Father, Groom & Mother).  Also if you
    would like a Wedding Party Dance (which includes
    parents and all the members of the Wedding Party)
    please include your song choice for that as well.

      If you are stuck for a song, ex: Groom & Mother,
    we can offer suggestions to help you along.

      You can have the Wedding Party join in on your
    First Dance if you like.  We do usually like to finish
    the Formal Dances with the Wedding Party dance,
    simply because it's easier to open the dance floor
    with a good number of couples already out there.

3)   Your time schedule (approximate) for formalities.

    This includes, the scheduled time for introductions,
    the Cake Cutting, your Bouquet Toss, and Dollar Dance,
    (assuming you're having all of the above).

4)  Any special requests or dedications or songs you
    would like to have played in addition to your choices
    for the Formal Dances.  Please include song titles
    and artists (if you know them) and for dedications
    or birthdays or anniversaries  please include the
    names of the persons you would like the dedications
    to be sent out to.

5)  Any other ideas, announcements or special
  events or circumstances you would like us to be
    aware of.

      Many Wedding clients wish to provide us with
    a "Do Not Play" list, so if there are certain songs
    you definitely don't want to have played please
    include them as well.

The reason we ask you to send us this information
is because many Wedding clients have become frustrated
by the lengthy process of going over everything from scratch.

After we receive the information we will go over everything
including song titles and pronunciations either over the
phone or in person.  We will then print out our notes
and have the printed copies available at the reception.

Changes in the introduction list and music choices
are very common so if you're not sure of the
order of the Wedding Party or other details don't worry,
just send us whatever you have and we will finalize
the details when we go over them with you.

It's okay to simply type the information into an email,
or you can attach a word or works document to
your email.  You can also send us your details
via postal mail.

Our Address:

The Party DJ's
468 Slocum Street
Kingston, Pa. 18704

or email:

We can be available to either pick up or drop
off notes or music in person.

These notes are simply designed to help you in planning
the reception, not "set in stone" guidelines.

If you wish to have a different format for your
Wedding we will work with you.  We can arrange
the formalities any way you wish and add or
skip anything you do not want.

Also check out our "Party Extras" page for extra
lighting effects, bubbles, fog or extra props.

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