Add some Party Extras and Dance Floor Give-Aways
to liven up your event.

Make the Party Special!!

Party Props and Dance Floor Give-Aways add a wonderful
feeling of excitement and participation to any Party.
After years of using the basic props (Hats & Maracas)
we wouldn't want to do a party without them.

Our Specialty Items are organized by Theme & Event.
Check out all the Prizes, Props and Dance Floor Give-Aways
and come up with some Wild Ideas.

Party Supplies for All Occasions... click here!

Dance Floor Give-Aways are a great way to make your
guests feel special, we can add a package of assorted
Give-Aways and distribute them throughout the night.

The "Light Up" and "Glow" items are especially popular,
these items will literally "Light Up" your guests.

Everyones mood changes for the better when they recieve
a Dance Floor Give-Away, it makes them feel like they
are really having a Good Time!!!

Fiber Optic Wands

These look very cool on the Dance Floor.

Light Up Necklaces

       Your guests will love these


Check out all the Light Up favors - Click Here

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